Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Return of the scarecrows.

Saturday 14 June

A date to remember

Lady Charity has great pleasure in inviting all her friends and relations to a day out in Buckle's Wood. We shall be remembering our ancestors who  lived during the First World War. Dress optional, but appropriate for the occasion!

Some body give Bertie a prod, otherwise he'll miss the prize giving.
More details to follow.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Mass plug planting

The school children spent a busy, last afternoon of term, planting the wildflower plugs that we bought from Shrublands Park Nursery. Catherine Stitt from the Nursery described the qualities of each plant,and added details of how they were used as remedies in bygone days. Help from Catherine,Jackie and Margaret, Anna and Mac was much appreciated by all!
A temporary wire netting fence surrounds the plants to keep them safe from the rabbits and hopefully they will merge in with the other all the other wildflowers over the summer.

I thought the Barn Owl box would not be occupied this year, so it was good top see a pair of Jackdaws popping in and out, whilst keeping an eye on me and flying off when I got too close!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Ready to plant the plugs

Caroline, from Shrublands Nursery will bring the wildflower plugs up to the wood this Friday afternoon.
An exciting end of term activity for the children at Elmsett School. Luckily Caroline has offered to talk about the special qualities of these plants and answer any tricky questions!
All the flowers ,Bettony, Cowslips, Meadow Buttercup ,Ragged Robin and yarrow, are suitable for sunny spots,
We shall plant the Foxgloves  elsewhere.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Preparations for some more wildflowers.

A cloudy morning, but no rain to discourage a small group of woodlanders who met in the middle of the wood  where the school children will each  plant a wildflower plug later on  of this term.We were going to  kill off areas of  grass by turning over the turf, but decided to lift  the turf and use  it to edge the pond.
A great effort by Mac, Liam and Geoff, the turf lifters and shifters.
Alexander, who forked over the earth in the squares.
John, Margaret and the girls, who did an excellent job sorting out stakes and tree guards.
We bought our wildflower plugs  from Shrublands, our local nursery and intended  to plant them last term, but other events and the weather  got in the way. We also want to put plants in and around the pond. Hilary has made a start by bringing along some marsh marigolds, which she planted in a boggy bit. Good job she came in her wellies!

Monday, 3 March 2014

We shall be there

We shall be selling our eco-friendly carrier bags, made from natural fibre, which will decompose on your compost heap!

Saturday, 8 February 2014


We have a pond.
Our thanks to James Buckle and his merry men who worked in wild weather to create lour new wildlife pond and Juliet Hawkins for her advice and plan.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

A pause for the weather.

We woke up to a sharp frost last week and the sound of machinery drifting over from the direction of the wood. As the sun started to break through the mist, I went over to see if had started on the pond.
The noise was coming from elsewhere, so I continued to the wood, with camera, to take some atmospherical photos!

The log pile was created from the brushwood left over from coppicing the ash trees.

It really was quite cold, so headed back home!